Paper Furniture

by Vadim Kibardin


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Hours of Hand Work.
All pieces are unique, as each
is made and shaped by hand,
without the use of a mould.


Produced Models.
12 Single Chairs in progress.
10 Designs in sketching.
22 Objects invented.


Throughout the 25 years,
Kibardin has been commissioned
to create unique pieces for private
clients, galleries and museums.


Pounds of Recycled Cardboard.
19 saved trees. 19 trees absorb a
total of 290 pounds of carbon
dioxide from the air each year.











Black Collection

Paper Chair №1 aka. Black Paper 37

The first legendary chair in collection is built with very high comfort requirements, with production limited to 50 units. It was first launched in 2011 and received a facelift and update in 2018.

Each Chair is hand-crafted with tailor-made parts, so you have some comfort in knowing that you’re buying something completely exclusive!
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Paper Chair №2 aka. Black Pearl

Kicking off my top five and the first chair in my collection to cost over $5k dollars, is the Black Pearl.

The chair is not for sale, as it is already a showpiece at the Moscow's State Tretyakov Gallery, but who knows, maybe one day we might all be sitting on these sci-fi looking beasts!
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Paper Chair №3 aka. Black Tornado

I made ten editions of this seat and a single prototype. It is not the most expensive chair in my collection but one of the most intriguen and comfortable pieces of collectible furniture from paper that can be owned for $4k.

Look at this! What a stunning piece of furniture art!
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Paper Chair №4 aka. Black Toner

If you’re looking for the most expensive Kibardin chair, then look no further! It had a limited production run of only single chair, which certainly helps to justify the price!

This piece of art is not meant for the home by any means, instead, it’s a collector’s item that’ s meant to be admired and appreciated for its aesthetics. Need I say more!
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Paper Chair №5 aka. Black Star

The money one would pay is not for the materials used for the chair but for the design and the appeal to the eye as well as the comfort the chair provided with a unique design philosophy.

This chair sells for $5k a piece and can be customized in various ways the customers want like color or the type of paper. Contact to discuss style, preferences and space.
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Paper Chair №6 aka. Black Forest

Its naked bio design means that the majority of its internal construction is on show, which reduces the weight of the chair but also adds to the visual “wow” factor! 

Only single one prototype. So, if you have a spare $24k, and looking to own one of the most expensive paper chair in the world, then this might be worth a look.
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Paper Chair №7 aka. Black Mirror

It is a contrasting mix of angular corners and wide, smooth curves.  Chaos and order are two absolutely different worlds but they are part of each other. Named Black Mirror chair, it is a blend of design and functionality.

This is a limited-edition design with only one piece constructed so far. It’s a stunna that’s for sure!
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Paper Chair №8 aka. Black Rover

Black Rover is a home chair with high scale ergonomic design. With a price tag of $7k, it has the standards of design technology and innovation used in luxury car.

It has strong cardboard walls inside across the body, helping to keep the weight down, and has a beautifully handcrafted paper seat with well known 3D pattern.
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Paper Chair №9 aka. Black Lotus

Although this chair don't seem extraordinary at all at the first glance and it seem to be known Panton classic chair, yet the price for this chair is not only for the extravagant design but for the success construction experiment which it is associated with. Sure it makes it one of the most luxury paper chairs in the world.  Surface is almost entirely coated in black paper and has a red back decoration.
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Paper Chair №10 aka. Black Pharaoh

This chair is built for comfort and world dominion. The seat section is made of strong black paper. Quieting the room to enable the chosen pieces to speak clearly about what matters to you. The single edition chair was created by Vadim Kibardin in 2020. Inner surface is almost entirely coated in black paper and has an original Kibardin pattern.
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Paper Chair №11 aka. Black Centaurus

In comparison to some of the other chairs on my list, it’s not as sophisticated or flashy, however, Don’t let its appearance fool you, as this chair packs enough power and convenience to satisfy even the most experienced seater. Sure it makes it one of the most luxury paper chairs in the world.  Surface is almost entirely coated in black paper and has an original Kibardin pattern.
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The Perfect Touch


Hand made process becomes one of the major movements of our time and can be understood as the repetition of skills that belong to our common past, exuding a sense of belonging and continuity. We hanker after things with a sense of human touch. The love and energy that goes into making things is part of what we buy.
Kibardin's method is about both moving forward and looking back. Gone are the clean lines of the past.  In the digital age, it seems we crave the imperfections of analogue.  Some imperfections are important in helping us to understand the world. Couple a craving for imperfection and the concept of luxury.
Kibardin concentrated on the hands-on manipulation of paper to create comfortable to sit design models, to discover unique forms which ultimately developed into sculptural pieces in their own right. Now it makes sense that we’re choosing to fill our homes with handcrafted objects made from natural materials.
Modern minimalism is a freedom from the trappings of consumer culture. It is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favour of focusing on what’s important, enhance the meaning of what we chose to retain. Shifting from the produced to the personalised with environmental concerns about the throwaway culture.
Furniture occupies a special place in not only home, but they also have a strong impact on the psyche of persons using it. The theory of less is more isn’t about spending less. It is about getting the greatest soul impact though careful editing and restraint.
Kibardin creates sculptures inspired by the organic structures and growth patterns in nature. Driven by curiosity to discover three dimensional forms through the physical manipulation of material, he takes a hands-on approach to creation.
Kibardin has been creating paper themed designs as their signature style. All pieces are unique, as each is made and shaped by hand, without the use of a mould.  Each chair is numbered with authentic design signature from Vadim Kibardin.
To sum up, after reading through the points ourselves, we’re pretty sure you’d take all of them out for your luxury home, especially some of the rare ones! So, if you do decide you want to buy one, then you first must talk with author, before he’ll let you take it for a life.


Paper Art Project


During these difficult times, we are not defined by demographics or geography. We have shared ideals, dreams and a vision for a new reality. We together can advance culture. In a world where many people make do with old solutions, progressive people focus on the future.

My furniture is formed in an art object created from my own cardboard waste. Fuses nature and technology into a multidisciplinary furniture sculpture. The project is a critical vision on the future of furniture manufacturing, wherein two seemingly opposite craft and industrial evolutions have made a pact to survive. We can produce mass-furniture at home using cardboard and paper packaging based on standard patterns created by qualified designers.

The demands of customers and society to reduce material use, reuse, and create sustainable and recyclable products are increasing every day. Many years I examined both artistically as well as poetically, humans’ own ethical responsibility in dealing with human waste: a poignant increasing threat in today’s vulnerable world. I discover unique constructions utilising the unique properties of mundane packaging, working predominantly with paper as a sculptural medium.

I constantly ask new questions and test new ways of doing things. My process drives developments forward which can change a paper to a more sustainable and revitalized enliven solution and turn a standard packaging into a custom made product.

Take a look at my Totem furniture collection. It is essentially a condensed version of my vision, which transcends trends by being functional as a serial product and handmade piece of art. I focus on construction and delivering key looks, without the styling and theatrics of a show. I can bring you modern solutions at affordable prices, just collect paper and cardboard packaging, download patterns and manuals, and produce it with your kids.

It is time to invite you to take part in the changes. If you want to create new models or can produce it, or you are a manufacturer of a product with packaging, or journalists, I invite you to join our Paper Art Project. We are working with innovations, and innovations start with progressive thinking.

We can defy expectations and stereotypes. History has proven that it’s the rule breakers who have the power to change the world.

Vadim Kibardin

Prague. April 10, 2020


Totem Collection


Totem Bench №1

If you had a 15-year-old tree and made it into paper grocery bags, you'd get about 700 of them. A busy supermarket could use all of them in under an hour!
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Totem Bench №2

The average European uses five trees a year in paper, wood, and other products made from trees. This amounts to about 3,707,000,000 trees per year!
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Totem Bench №3

Americans use 85,000,000 tons of paper a year. If every American recycled just one-tenth of their paper paсkaging, we would save about 25,000,000 trees a year.
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Totem Bench №4

Each ton (2000 pounds) of recycled paper can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic yards of landfill space, 4000 kilowatts of energy, and 7000 gallons of water.
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Totem Bench №5

Each ton (2000 pounds) of recycled paper represents a 64% energy savings, a 58% water savings, and 60 pounds less of air pollution! And  it is a material for about 150 my bunches.
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Totem Bench №6

If all our newspaper was recycled, we could save about 250,000,000 trees each year! Approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper are thrown away every year in the U.S.
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Totem Bench №7

The construction costs of a paper mill designed to use waste paper is 50 to 80% less than the cost of a mill using new pulp.
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Totem Chair №1

The amount of wood and paper we throw away each year is enough to heat 50,000,000 homes for 20 years.
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Support the Paper Art Project!

Paper Art Project is a project that depends on people volunteering time, money, and energy to keep it going.

The best way to support the project is to: buy products, downloading patterns and manufacturing models, donating, creating new designs, translating, bug fixing, subscribing and sharing information, leaving links. You can participate to have the next step taken in improving the work in ways not originally thought of.

Very soon we will offer you a Membership model, which grants some advantages for you. Please contact us right now if you are interested in supporting the project in any way or want to support the project with a Membership.
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Totem Stool №1

The 17 saved trees can absorb a total of 250 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air each year. Burning that same ton of paper would create 1500 pounds of carbon dioxide.
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Totem Stool №2

The average household throws away 13,000 separate pieces of paper each year. Most is packaging and junk mail.
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What Stars Are Saying



Boutique Manufacturing


Your personal design consultant e-chats with you to discuss style, preferences and space.
We provide a custom proposal for manufacture service based on your schedule.
We arrange delivery for your custom-ordered product for you to enjoy. It’s that simple.


Inspired by Nature


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The Paper Rare Pure



The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
A progressive group of galleries, fairs, and museums and a growing collector base tappe into the potential of collectible design, initially as an extension of fine art but increasingly as a domain that stands on its own.

Palisander Gallery, Moscow, Russia
The Moscow-based Palisander Gallery, dedicated Russian Collectible collection to bespoke and limited edition contemporary russian design. There is a whole world between art and design that is as exciting as art.


Piet Hein Eek / Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven
Kibardin's Paper Chairs collection gives you an insight into the ecosystem of collectible design. Where do art and design meet, cross and differ? Kibardin defines collectible objects as those that come to raise questions, to investigate materials in new ways.


Gathering - From Domestic Craft to Contemporary Process  - Milan Design Week, Milan, Italy
Li Edelkoort changed the location at Ventura Labrate with Gathering project which belongs to a larger exhibition that has originally been commissioned by Design Museum Holon (Israel).


Design Museum Holon, Israel

The Black Paper Chair 37 has been selected for the display during exhibition "Gathering" - From Domestic Craft to Contemporary Process by Lidewij Edelkoort.

Works also were presented by more than 70 contemporary designers from around the world including Arik Levy, Issey Miyake, Kiki Van Eijk, Marcel Wanders, Nendo, Patricia Urquiola, Ronan Et Erwan Bouroullec, Tokujin Yoshioka, Tord Boontje...

2013 Jean-Pierre Botella Gallery, Saint-Tropez, France

2012  Gdynia Design Days, Gdynia, Poland

2011  Sretenka Design Week, Moscow, Russia

2011  Clerkenwell Design Week, London, England

"Over the past two decades, a new type of design has taken shape. The contemporary collectible design market has combined the vintage market’s tradition of connoisseurship and the art world’s commercial structure with the experimental fervor of the early postmodern and studio craft movements.

Unlike standard product design, this type of output is characterized by artistic expression and limited production. Mass appeal and salability are not as important. Rather, individual designers are given free rein to conceive new one-off pieces that express their own personalities and outlooks. Often their works push the boundaries of material, form, function, and aesthetics."

Adrian Madlener for the AN Interior


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